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Modern Style Pool Equipment Enclosure - Beverly Hills, CA

  Three Panel Equipment Enclosure - Malibu, CA    Garden Patio Enclosure with Arbor- Monrovia, CA   Pool Equipment Enclosure - Beverly Hills, CA   Modern Pool Equipment Enclosure ( Mangaris TM) - Pasadena, CA    Los Angeles area Entryway Mahogany Hand Rail   Builtin Wooden Bench - Pasadena, CA

  Large Wooden Hexagonal Outdoor Dining & Entertaining Gazebo - Tarzana, CA    Los Angeles Wood Playhouse and Retreat - Craftsman Inspired    Los Angeles Wood Pergola   Custom Porch Railing (West Hollywood, CA)    custom Carftsman Porch Swing

Wood Garden Enclosures, Benches, Pavilions & More

Looking for a beautiful pool equipment enclosure, wood bench, or other garden accessory? I design and build a variety of custom garden accents and structures which match your existing structures and compliment the unique style of your home and garden.

I focus on building structures that are not only beautiful, but excellent value for the money and built to last. The right craftsmanship, building techniques and materials make all the difference in whether your wood enclosure or bench will last 5, 10 or 15 years.

That is one of the reasons why I do all the work myself, so I can control the quality of construction and you don't have to deal with crews of workmen you have never met. My clients also hate having construction start and stop and stretch out for weeks, so I build for one homeowner at a time and stay on your project until it is done - usually completing most projects in one to two weeks. And I love to help you transform your home and garden by solving design and building challenges.

Below is my portfolio of work, as well as my pricing and a detailed pavilion design guide with related links.


Portfolio of Garden Enclosures, Built-ins & Pavilions

My online portfolio features photos of my equipment enclosures, benches, garden accessories and pavilions so you can get an idea of what I can build. To see more details about a project, just click on a photo.

As a first step, I recommend that you look at lots of different projects to discover what you do and don't like. You can mix and match design ideas and functionality to create the perfect design. So take a look at the photos below and online. If you see what you want (or something close), we can use that as a starting point for a client inspired design. Or I can create a custom design that matches your existing garden structures. For even more design ideas, check out the resources below.

When you are ready to get started, contact me and we can set up an appointment to tour your location, discuss design options and establish a budget, so I can give you a detailed estimate.



Custom Equipment Enclosures & Garden Built-ins


Modern Style Pool Equipment Enclosure - Beverly Hills, CA     Modern Pool Equipment Enclosure ( Mangaris TM) - Pasadena, CA

Custom Pool Equipment Enclosure                               Pool Equipment Enclosure


Three Panel Equipment Enclosure - Malibu, CA    Air conditioning enclosure with removable access panels - Pasadena / La Canada, CA

Three Panel Equipment Enclosure                           Modern A/C Enclosure w/ Access           


Custom Garden Enclosure with Arbor - Desinged and built in Pasadena, CA   Entryway Mahogany Hand Rail - Hollywood Hills   Builtin Wooden Bench - Pasadena, CA

Garden Patio Enclosure                                           Garden Hand Rail         Built-in Bench      


Porch Railing to Match Deck Railing - West Hollywood, CA    Custom Craftsman Porch Swing

  Porch Railing                                                    Custom Craftsman Style Porch Swing


Craftsman & Classical Style Gazebos, Garden Retreats & Pavilions


Large Wooden Hexagonal Outdoor Dining & Entertaining Gazebo - Tarzana, CA     Wood Playhouse & Adult Retreat (Craftsman Inspired) Photo - San Rafael (near Los Angeles)      

Hexagonal Garden Gazebo                                     Craftsman Inspired Garden Retreat


Outdoor Garden Wood Pavilion - South Pasadena (Los Angeles Area)     Ranch Style Entertaining Wood Pergola - South Pasadena

Classical Garden Pavilion                     Ranch Style Entertaining Pavilion




Prices For Custom Garden Built-ins & Accessories

There are three price ranges for custom garden furniture: basic pre-made, custom, and high end pre-made .

  • Basic pre-made furniture is what you see for sale at popular home and garden stores. For an idea of the prices, visit one of them or go online.

  • At the custom level, the price matches or exceeds the cost of high end pre-mades in order to cover the cost of designing and building to meet your specific needs. A unique design can offer additional functionality, meet custom size requirements, incorporate special materials, be an exact replacement, or become part of an existing structure (such as a handrail).

  • High end pre-made garden furniture is sold by fine garden furniture makers, such as Smith & Hawken, who charge 150% - 400% above the basic prices. These costs reflect higher quality materials and craftsmanship, more complex or stylish designs, and fine finish details.


Design Guide for Wood Pavilions & Garden Retreats


This design guide provides arbor design ideas and information on how to develop a great design, select the best location and create a budget for your structure.

Types of Structures

There are several types of outdoor structures you can have built:

  • a pavilion is a roofed, outdoor room with open sides.

  • a garden retreat is a structure you can use for meditation, artistic pursuits or getting-away-from-it-all

  • a gazebo is usually a structure used for shelter and viewing the garden.


Design Elements

The style of your pavilion or hideaway is created with design and construction components. By changing these key design elements and details, you can create a specific style or a totally unique design:

  • post size
  • beam size
  • joinery techniques
  • overhead pattern and complexity
  • finishing touches (corbels, decorative beam end cuts, post caps and finials)
  • wood texture, color and finish
  • metalwork
  • lighting


Matching Your Pavilion or Garden Retreat To Your Home & Garden

Your pavilion should harmonize with your garden landscaping, as well as the architectural style of your home:

  • a formal structure for a formal garden
  • a classic design for a classically laid out garden
  • a flowing design for a garden with swept paths and flowing planting borders

The overall dimensions should also fit with the proportions of your garden, home and other outdoor structures. The final color should compliment the colors used in your landscaping. If you want to blend into the landscaping, the natural color of the wood or browns and greens work well. If you want the structure to stand out or highlight nearby plants, strong colors like white or black can be used.


Design Criteria & Location Considerations

  • Use ~ The first step is to determine all the ways you plan to use the structure. That will help determine design requirements and the right type of structure to build.
    • roof support strength
    • ceiling patterns (open beam, patterned, lattice or trellis)
    • decking patterns (of different wood color, concrete or stone)
    • railing styles
    • built-in activity features (benches, storage, fire pits, and barbecues)
    • utilities (electricity for lights, outlets for stereo and appliances, gas for heaters, and water for cleanup)

  • Size & Shape ~ The minimum size will be determined by the activities and furniture you want under it (or nearby). The design will also be influenced by the need to keep it in proportion to the size and spaciousness of the surrounding structures and garden. The shape can be customized to fit and compliment natural features in your garden, such as wrapping around or enclosing a tree, reflecting the curve of a stream or conforming to a rock formation.

  • Access ~ Stairs, pathways, doors and gates should be designed to provide convenient access to and from the house, garden and other key areas, such as the driveway, pool or tennis court.

  • View ~ Determine the garden and house views you want, and if any views need to screened off for privacy. Framed openings can be created to enhance viewing of special garden features like ponds, herb gardens, or sundials.

  • Sunlight ~ The amount of sunlight and heat exposure can be a factor in orienting the structure and its roof design. Consider where furniture and appliances should be placed to catch the sunlight or shade. Also consider if you want to install temporary overhead shading during the summer months.

  • Water ~ Excessive moisture (from sprinklers and deep shade) can lead to premature aging, musty smells and structural damage from rot. The structure should be designed to shed rain and dew readily and dry out well, especially if it will be covered by vines or plants. Good drainage away from the area is also required.

  • Wind ~ In areas with high winds or gusts, you may want to create an area protected from the wind. Strong or regular winds may require a more substantial design to handle the force or building it in a more protected area.


Wood, Hardware & Design Options

  • Materials ~ Your pavilion can be built of Redwood, Mangaris™ (Red Balau) or other woods. More expensive woods can be used for accenting joints, pegs and trim. The substructure framing should be built of pressure treated wood for durability.

  • Finishes ~ Heat and light contribute to weathering, so a UV protection finish is very important. If it will eventually be covered with hard to remove plants, applying a thorough coating is critical. Stains (clear, tinted, or solid) and paint are popular finish choices.

  • Custom Touches ~ Decking patterns can create paths of wood within the flooring and define activity areas. Multiple levels and privacy nooks add drama and functionality. Decorative end beam cuts can echo those used on the house. Post caps and finials can match those used on fences, gates and other structures. Post feet can be boxed with decorative trim. Access panels for utilities can be inset or trimmed with molding. Open beams can be notched and stacked for additional strength and visual interest.

  • Built-ins ~ Consider how built-in features can enhance your usage. Benches (with built in storage) can be added to follow or curve along railings. Cabinets can enclose food preparation and stereo equipment. Fireplaces can add romance and warmth to increase usage during the evenings and winter months.

  • Metalwork ~ Blackened, wrought iron or copper post braces, lanterns and accents can add style, strength and functionality.

  • Lighting ~ The placement and type of lighting can evoke both a style and a mood. Lanterns hung from ceiling beams, side mounted sconces, track or spot lighting or a central chandelier all create an immediate sense of style. Low mood lighting can softly illuminate pathways and steps as well as create a romantic atmosphere.


Related Links and Resources

If you need ideas and inspiration, check out the resources below, clip magazine pictures, look through your vacation photos and keep an eye out for what you like in the neighborhood.

The more you know about what you like and don't the easier it is to create and build something you will be delighted with for years to come.

Here are a few books I recommend.



Hideaways: Cabins, Huts, and Treehouse Escapes by Sonya Faure

This book provides lots of photos for a variety of garden retreats.  LA Public Library book




Outdoor Living Idea Book  (Taunton Home Idea Books)

This book has lots of ideas and photos to inspire your next outdoor living project.




The Room Outside: Designing Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Drink in the photos and ideas about how to extend your living space beyond your back door and create realxing extensions of your home.




Shed Chic: Outdoor Buildings for Work, Rest, and Play by Sally Coulthard

An inspiring book that is full of pictures and ideas for creating an adult tree house, studio, getaway den, hobby area or small apartment in the garden.  LA Public Library book



Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways: Big Ideas for Small Backyard Destinations by Debra Prinzing

This book highlights 28 garden retreats from a wide range of locations across the US as well as budgets and styles. A good resource for how to translate your needs into practical structures and design touches.  LA Public Library book



Backyard Idea Book by Lee Anne White / Tauton Home

Great book with lots of color photos of decks, arbors, fences, outdoor kitchens and garden retreats.  LA Public Library book



Haven: Cozy Hideaways and Dream Retreats  by Allison Serrell & Meredith Heuer

An inspirational idea book with lots of ideas about how to create your own haven or dream retreat based on 20 examples.




Gazebos & Other Outdoor Structures  by the Editors of Creative Homeowner

This book is full of ideas for outdoor retreats and structures, such as gazebos, pavilions, arbors and pergolas.


I also recommend checking out these online resources for more ideas.


  • Barbeques Galore
    Offers a wide variety of BBQ equipment and accessories and has stores in Pasadena, Glendale, Studio City, West Los Angeles, and Costa Mesa.

  • Image Search
    You can search the image archives at Google Images, Yahoo Images, MSN or your favorite search engine to find inspiration from architectural showcase homes, historical buildings and DIY projects.


Garden Furniture, Built-ins& Accessories

If you need more ideas or inspiration for your garden furniture and accessories design, check out these resources.

Here are a few books I recommend.




Deck & Patio Planner and Decks: Your guide to Designing and Building by Better Homes & Gardens

These books have many photos as well as pages that highlight custom features such as deck patterns, built-ins, outdoor kitchens, and hot tubs.   LA Public Library book



Start to Finish Decks by Martin Miller / Larry Erikson / Ortho Series

This comprehensive book covers every aspect of decks, from design and planning through construction and accessories. Includes sketches of benches, BBQs and how to add functionality into a deck.     LA Public Library book


I also recommend checking out these online resources for more ideas.

  • Image Search
    You can search the image archives at Google Images, Yahoo Images, MSN or your favorite search engine to find inspiration from architectural showcase homes, historical buildings and DIY projects.


Use these links to check and see if you can find the garden furniture and accessories you need pre-made -- it can save you both time and money.

  • Coppa Woodworking, Inc. of San Pedro, CA
    A manufacturer of basic and custom (size, material, arched, doggy door access) screen doors built by a local woodworking company. Their site features over 100 traditional, unique and period wood screen doors.

  • Cedar Key Screen Doors.com of Florida
    A great source for basic whimsical screen doors at reasonable prices -- over 30 different designs.

  • ScreenDoors.com of Montana
    Online source for Craftsman, traditional, nature theme and unique hardwood screen doors at reasonable prices -- 25+ designs.

  • Hoffmeyers Mill of Canada
    One man shop making custom high end screen and storm doors in Canada -- affordable prices with the exchange rate and lots of custom details.




Permission is granted to anyone who wants to
use my work for inspiration outside of the LA area.

Redwood Garden Arbor - Pasadena
Pasadena Mangaris TM deck before patio cover
Modern Horizontal Wood Fence - Los Angeles, CA
Wooden Treehouse with Club House - Malibu
Pool Equipment Enclosure - Beverly Hills, CA






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